Road Trippin, Hippie Flippin

Maybe you’re going on a road trip and you need a bag for just your clothes, well, this product is definitely up that alleyway. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product for backpacking or camping, although it does have backpack straps and can easily be carried throughout the wilderness if need be. So this bag is ready for seriously whatever you want to do with it and bring it literally anywhere. So it doesn’t matter if you are just going out for the weekend or you are actually going to have some sort of extended trip because the Black Hole duffel bag is literally a black hole of a ton of space!

The next new item to come from Patagonia’s backpack and equipment line that is seriously brand spanking new and no one really has these products yet is the Arbor Pack which holds 26 liters. Now this product is a lot more fashionable than the black hole because it is obviously much smaller, but that’s exactly the point of this pack. It’s a small, stylish pack that can hold a good amount of stuff and not look huge on your back. This is something that is more like an every day pack that you can take with you and just hold all the stuff that you’ll want with you while you’re out in your day. For women, this is like a backpack purse, and wow it’s just so funny to think that women’s fashion could be trending through a company like Patagonia, but not really. Patagonia has always been on the cutting edge of women’s fashion and they’ve obviously really marketed themselves towards women. I would say that the Arbor Pack is not just for girls obviously, but the skinny straps and the fact that is the size of a large purse does kind of hint that this is an everyday girl’s pack, not a purse! But that’s exactly it. Why should women worry about carrying around a lumpy purse and holding it everywhere when they maybe need to bike to work or hold something less goofy looking than a purse all day. It just makes sense, ladies. Leave your purses at home or donate them and start using a pack on a higher basis like the Arbor pack. You’ll look cooler that way too.

Now this last item that is brand new from Patagonia is so innovative and goofy and funny and exactly what Patagonia is all about, and I think it is one of the coolest new items the company has to offer that is surely going to fly off shelves. Introducing the Patagonia Hybrid Pack Vest. A pack that on the straps holds a bunch of stuff like a photographer’s vest, and the truth is that this pack vest is the perfect product for the wilderness photographer or any photographer for that matter because it can hold your stuff in the back and carry other things in the front and just look pretty cool too like Patagonia is all about.

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Fallen In love With Patagonia

America has fallen in love with Patagonia, and it has almost become like the Uggs of sweaters because everyone loves to wear the super comfortable and fluffy sweatshirts and jackets that this company has to offer, and I think that this goes much further than just the versatility and overall awesomeness of Patagonia’s products, but it also goes into the message and mission of the company itself through its recycling program and other really interesting ideas that makes Patagonia a really unique company. Of course Patagonia has become a super trendy company that a lot of wealthier white folks like wearing in the cold weathers of North America, and I think it would be pretty hard to find someone wearing a Patagonia outfit in a lot of other parts of the world because it is after all a pretty American, or Western company that offers clothes to some of the wealthiest people in the entire world.

Having said that, Patagonia is also somewhat affordable compared to some of its competitors, and what’s so cool about Patagonia is that they are always coming out with some really trendy stuff all the time and they offer so much more than clothes and apparel in general. Some of what Patagonia is more famous for than their clothing line is their equipment and packs and gear of all types that help people really get out there and start to have some serious fun while wearing Patagonia clothes in the wilderness of course. Also, let’s be honest, some of the Patagonia gear and equipment is not necessarily for the wilderness of going camping or anything like that, but they can also just be good packs for every day purposes like going to high school or college and taking classes or going to work or to the beach or on a hike. There really are endless possibilities as to why you would need some of Patagonia’s equipment, but what this particular article is going to discuss is the new arrivals that have just recently come online at Patagonia’s website and review some of these newer products. We’ll also go to some of Patagonia’s best products and discuss what exactly makes these particular products the best equipment that you’ll most likely need the next time you go on an epic adventure with your friends. Because we definitely know you shop at Patagonia because you’re an outdoor enthusiast, right? No, maybe? Well, either way, if you like getting outdoors or not this equipment is probably for you because everyone likes to be cool, and that’s exactly what Patagonia is.

So the very first equipment item that is brand spanking new that we are going to discuss in this article is the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel bag that contains 60 liters of stuff inside of it. Now if you think about that for a second, 60 liters is up there for some of Patagonia’s large backpacks, so when you see a duffel bag that is 60 liters you have to understand that this is a pretty huge duffel bag, and that’s really what is just the beginning of what sets this duffel bag apart. It’s a great bag for you to travel with no matter what you are doing or where you are going just because it can fit so much stuff.

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Torrentshell Jacket

Along with the Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket come the Patagonia Torrentshell Pants. Also a beloved piece of gear for hikers, these pants consistently get fantastic reviews. They slip on and keep you warm- as well as very dry. Although the fit is ‘relaxed’ they won’t look baggy like a pair of old sweatpants. They have an elastic waist with a draw string, and zippered pockets. There is also one zippered pocket on the back right side- so you can put whatever you want in your pockets without fearing that water will leak in. These pants are also breathable, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a pair of wool pants while hiking! There are openings at the bottom of the leg to easily put them on and take them off. Patagonia Torrentshell Pants can also be wadded up and carried anywhere, so if it starts to pour- you’re all set!

A serious customer favorite, the Patagonia Vented Spoonbill Hat is a hiking necessity. Rain, shine, wind- or whether it’s just tucked in your pocket, this hat is a lifesaver. The nylon material on the brim of the hat, on the hat itself as well as the back flap is specially design to protect you from the Sun’s UV rays, so if you are hiking in the mountains or the desert, you’re covered. (It wouldn’t hurt to wear a little sunscreen though!). The hat is also waterproof as like all of Patagonia’s gear, it uses Patagonia’s DWR waterproof coating. Your head won’t get hot as this hat is specially designed to keep it cool with ‘spacer mesh.’ There is also a chin strap that you can adjust so that hat won’t fly off your head. It’s the absolute perfect way to protect your head from the rain or sun- not too hot, waterproof, and covers the back of your neck so you won’t get burned!

As mentioned before, Patagonia isn’t really known as a ‘serious’ hiking gear company, but the above products can certainly be used by hikers and regular people alike. The packs are great for day hiking, and they contain everything a hiking enthusiasts needs, and more, for a pleasurable trip on various terrain and in various temperatures. The business model, quality, and environmental impact of all things ‘Patagonia’ is impressive and should be commended. The packs and clothing are just part of what this wonderful company offers, as they continue their mission to provide responsibility and quality to those who love the outdoors. Wearing Patagonia gear tells the world that you care about the environment, you are probably an outdoors type of person (the ski stuff is fantastic!), and that you really care about what you look like- because Patagonia clothing is absolutely beautiful! They really are incredible. I was just skiing in Colorado this weekend at Vail and Breckenridge using my full Patagonia outfit and it kept me warm and dry in the most insane weather. It was negative 6 degrees and snowing cats and dogs. We were skiing in 4 ft of powder and it was incredible.


Mini Bag

The Patagonia Mini Messenger Bag – 732cu inis a perfect bag for all of your daily needs. Short day hikers love to use this bag for it’s adjustable strap, light weight, and several pockets for snacks, drinks, and whatever else a hiker needs. This is also the perfect ‘briefcase’ for people of any age. Again, there are many pockets for your electronics, pens, and whatever else you feel compelled to bring to work or school. The bag is made of recycled polyester, keeping with the philosophy of environmental conscientiousness that Patagonia prides itself on. It’s also waterproof so when you’re standing in the rain, no need to panic. Your laptop and important books and paperwork aren’t going to turn to mush or short circuit! The strap is no-slip and padded, and very comfortable. This is the perfect bag for a hike, or work/school as it’s casual enough to work for a carrying pack, yet professional enough looking to use for work or school.

The Patagonia Headway Brief Bag – 1343cu inis much like the mini messenger bag, but of course, it’s not mini. A much bigger (almost twice as big) bag, this pack carries more, and has more pockets for all of your organizational needs. The adjustable strap is padded, and this pack is also made from recycled polyester. This is a great pack for a day hiker who wants to carry more gear. It’s also a great pack for a student or professional who needs extra room- especially teachers who need to haul around graded papers and lesson plans. Patagonia makes wonderful equipment with so much versatility.

Of course, when it comes to gear and hiking gear, Patagonia has an extensive line of clothing for the outdoors and some specialized outerwear for hiking. There are many things to choose from to make a hiker most comfortable (and great looking as well!). Patagonia is well known for their awesome ski jackets, and they also make some fairly amazing jackets which are made for the rough and rugged sport of climbing and hiking.

One of the best hiking jackets made by Patagonia is thePatagonia Torrentshell Jacket. Most important for hikers, this jacket is waterproof as well as windproof. The jacket is also breathable, which is a very important feature when hiking. There is nothing worse than going for a hike and feeling soaked and sweaty without any ventilation. This jacket is made to ‘stuff’- meaning you can wad it up and stuff it anywhere when you’re not using it. It’s extremely light-weight and ‘stuffable!’ The main reason this hiking coat gets fantastic reviews (thousands of them), is because it’s extremely water repellent, and it has zips in the arm pits that will keep a person extra dry. The added bonus is the two way hood with a ‘visor’ (picture it just like it sounds)- which is great if your in a serious downpour. This is a hiker-favorite, and it comes in a vast array of different colors- surely to suit anyone’s taste.

Technical Packs

Another option for a technical back pack for long day hiking is the Patagonia Black Hole 25L Daypack – 1526cu in.

This daypack can be used for school with it’s padded laptop sleeve which you can use for your CamelBak (hydration sleeve) if you decide to use the pack or for hiking. The shiny black finish is water resistant and will keep whatever you’re hauling completely dry. The straps have molded padding making this pack extremely comfortable, and there’s room for your water bottles on both sides. While this is a great daypack for cycling or just carrying around on campus or work, the Patagonia Black Hole 32L Backpack – 1953cu in is made of the same waterproof material and holds more for a long day’s hike. It’s the same laminated bag which is extremely durable through rough and rugged trails. Both bags are great quality and both can be used for carrying around or hiking, but the bigger back holds more and is more practical for a long day hike or an overnight camp.

As far as slings go, the Patagonia Atom Sling Bag – 488 cu in is one of the best (if not THE best) rated slings out there. Very reasonable priced, the Atom Sling Bag has a teardrop shape and only one strap which is adjustable so it doesn’t move if you’re walking to class, work, or going on a hike. What’s really nice about this bag is the convenience. If you need to take something out of it, just spin it around to your front and take it out. You never really have to take this bag off. It’s extremely lightweight and it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your books or gear getting wet. This is a great multi-purpose sling and well loved by many backpack enthusiasts. It’s also extremely well loved by students, cyclists, and frequent flyers and travelers because of it’s ease of use.

The Patagonia Mass Sling – 549cu inis much like the Atom Sling Bag, only it doesn’t have a tear drop shape. The Mass Sling has more of a square (almost rectangular) shape, and while you can just spin it around to face the front and take your stuff out, you carry the weight from this pack behind your shoulders. This pack is a favorite in the cycling circle. The way it’s carried makes it perfect for the cyclist as it won’t get in the way of anything and it’s designed not to hurt or agitate the back. The material is breathable and keeps you cool on a hot day, and the reflector on the back of the bag will allow you to cycle after dark and be well seen by drivers. There is even a pocket for a pump if you need a little air in your tires. This is the perfect pack for someone who cycles to work or school, but it is also a great pack for a hike, as it’s comfortable, breathable and light weight, and designed not to hurt the back while walking.


Patagonia is a medium sized business which was founded by a husband/wife team over forty years ago. The founder of the company is Yvon Choinard. Their mission is to implement solutions to the crisis in the environment. They actually donate 1% of all of their earnings per year to environmental organizations! Patagonia is sold in several stores and department stores. You can find it in big chains like ‘Dick’s Sporting Goods’ or ‘REI.’ Patagonia packs and clothing are pretty much unilaterally priced and their clothes are priced fairly high. A very well known brand name for years, Patagonia is a prestigious company and anyone, regardless if they are a hiker or lover of the outdoors, should be proud to wear the label.

When it comes to keeping you warm while hiking, Patagonia has an entire slew of coats, jackets, leggings, sweaters and athletic gear to keep you in tip top shape. However, they also sell multi-use daypacks, kids’ packs, lumbar packs, winter packs, and slings and messenger bags. There are several styles and colours to choose from if you’re an avid hiker, and the quality is second to none. The type of pack you’ll need depends on which kind of hiking you do. Patagonia doesn’t sell long term hiking gear- as in gear that you would go on a very long trip with. Mostly, Patagonia concentrates on gear you can use for the day, or one or two nights.

For long day hiking, The Patagonia Ascensionist Daypack 35L – 2136cu in comes highly recommended by several outdoor enthusiasts.

This pack can be carried in the winter snow, or the summer sunshine. It’s really designed for cragging on rock and ice. It’s extremely lightweight, making it easy for the user to carry. This bag has a loop frame made of aluminum and the design is made to making moving easy as it’s contoured to fit your body. There are adjustable features that will work with how much weight you want to carry while hiking, and there are compression straps designed to keep your load snug, and they shoulder straps have a comfortable fit with padding which is removable in case you want to shed weight. Too much weight is every hiker’s nightmare, and this pack makes it easy to drop some weight for the harder climbs. The Ascensionist Daypack is consistently rated very favorably by those who’ve purchased the bag.

This pack will keep your load extremely dry, and it is extremely lightweight- but there is one thing that some hikers find unsatisfactory. The material of the bag itself is not tough enough for the ‘really rough stuff.’ If you are carrying anything else, the material can become worn fairly quickly, especially if something is rubbing up against it (like skis for example.) However, it will hold a lot of gear- there is an expansion panel which makes this daypack extremely hand for more than just hiking. Many people use it while biking as it can carry a lot and it’s lightweight (the bag itself- the things you put in it are up to you!) There is a vertical zipper on the top so you can open the ‘lid’ and reach in and get your things without having to worry about them spilling out. The best selling point about this daypack is its versatility, and of course, the typical Patagonia lifetime warranty.